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Noble packaging for cosmetics and products

with individually printed and embossed

Metal cans and aluminium cans.

+11.000 Customers
>500 different can formats
now countless successful projects with individualised metal cans
Own workshop with embossing, printing and foam production

Product packaging

Product packaging in noble metal cans

Turn your products into eye-catchers for customers even before the covers come off.

You have put a lot of heart and effort into the development of your product? A lot of care in its production and in ensuring its quality? Please don't put it in a plain cardboard box with a simple sticker. Unless, of course, such packaging suits your product and is intentional and not forced. Dress your baby in beautiful clothes so that your customers can admire it from the outside.

Cosmetics packaging

Aluminium cans and glass jars for cosmetics

Don't remain the grey mouse of the industry. Stand out and shine brighter than the market leaders.

Stickers can do it all. Just buy them at the office shop and put them through the laser printer. Does it look good? Sometimes. Does it look professional? Rather not... With our direct printing and high-quality embossing solutions, we give your ointment packaging, your glass jars and your soap tins a high-quality appearance.

Special occasions

Easter eggs as a tin can

Use the festivals for stronger customer loyalty and increase your awareness and recognition.

Whether Easter, Christmas, Women's Day, birthdays, trade fairs or even a company anniversary. Use any of these occasions to surprise your customers with a small gift wrapped in precious metal. Of course with your motif, company logo or business slogan. Idea: Have the individualised biscuit tins filled with biscuits at your local bakery.

Companies that have already benefited from the cooperation with GAPADOS

Siemens - Tin cans from GAPADOS
Bosch - Tin cans from GAPADOS
WIHA - Tin cans from GAPADOS
MPI - Tin cans from GAPADOS
i+m - Aluminium tins from GAPADOS
GESIPA - Tin cans from GAPADOS

Are you ready to stand out from the average?

With the product packaging solutions from GAPADOS, you "smuggle" a permanent advertising medium into the homes of your customers.

What is the best thing about metal packaging?

It looks and is noble and thus increases the value image of your products. Customers don't throw away something so valuable. They continue to use the tin cans. As spice jars, needle boxes, button boxes or screw boxes in the home workshop. Your company logo on the tin. Always in your hand. Always in the field of vision. Subconsciously, surreptitious advertising has an effect on the brain. And as we know, people strive for security. Reach for the familiar. For something they know and which reminds them of the cosy home environment.... After your other products with the same logo as on the screw box in the workshop.

Are we sustainable with our products?

With this question we can spark an extremely large fundamental discussion. There are many opinions and statistics. And as it is with opinions... there is always an opposing opinion. Despite the fact that we sell metal cans (tin cans and aluminium cans) as our main business, we do not want to talk them up in comparison to other packaging options. In the end, everyone has to choose the most suitable packaging for their application. Putting a soap can in the bathroom in a cardboard box..... ? Unfortunately, cream in cardboard doesn't work very well. So then in plastic, glass or aluminium? Which is best? Many say that aluminium is toxic ... ? Aluminium cans are usually coated with a protective varnish suitable for foodstuffs, so that the contents do not come into contact with the material. And metal has an excellent lifespan and recycling rates.

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Why are you in good hands with us?

Always implementing your wishes

From hobby to business

GAPADOS was founded as a family business in 2009 by the engineer and product developer Gregor Panitz, after he withdrew from the geckoPAC project he had started with a partner 5 years earlier. Experience in the field of product development, project management, quality assurance and the idea of an extraordinary customer experience have flowed into the company's development and still do today.

As a family business, we stand for reliable performance and first-class quality. We have our own stocks of metal cans (tinplate cans and aluminium cans) and glass jars in standard sizes and can quickly provide supplies via our network. In our in-house workshop, we can use the latest technology to produce all We can provide all types of tin cans with an imprint or embossing. Whether ointment tins, cosmetic packaging or original give-aways: with our tins present yourself or your products from the best side. We sell our products to private customers and business partners, as well as to Resellers. Our forward-looking procurement policy enables us to deliver large quantities in a short time at excellent conditions. State-of-the-art Digital printing processes ensure excellent quality and low fixed costs, from which you as a customer will benefit directly.


  • Remained true to family values
  • over 11,000 customers
  • Focus on sustainability and smart use of resources
  • We know all about can finishing, because we do it ourselves.
  • Own embossing workshop with many years of experience and hundreds of implemented embossing tools
  • Own printing workshop with UV digital printing
  • Close cooperation with partner printers for screen and pad printing
  • Own foam processing by means of punching
  • Three-digit number of available and reusable punching tools for insertion
  • Access to water cut if detail cuts in the foam are necessary
  • own sticker production
  • Very large range of different can sizes
  • Contract manufacturing of many can sizes directly for us
  • Access and increasing focus on European manufacturing plants in DE, FR, GB, CH, NL, AT, IT
  • Small quantity and sample warehouse in Sörgenloch, pallet warehouse in Mainz

Experts for refinement

Experts in the field of embossing and printing on tin cans

We have been in business for almost 20 years and now have almost countless customer projects, several hundreds of embossing and printing projects and a multitude of different foam moulds, we can probably count ourselves among the experts in the field of tin can finishing. This is where we really count as craftsmen and with us you are at the beginning of the value chain. Send us your products and we will design the inlays for you. This is followed by a layout release and, with the presentation of the initial samples, a production release. Everything is done in close cooperation with you. No matter whether we produce a small series of 50 or an order of 100,000.

Customer testimonials about GAPADOS

Customer testimonial from ASKO-COILS about GAPADOS
Play Video about Customer testimonial from ASKO-COILS about GAPADOS

ASKO Coils, Germany

The task:
They were looking for a more exclusive way to package a cotton wool product. The customer already used a tin can, but stuck stickers on it himself. This is time-consuming, as the labels always have to be neatly positioned, and it doesn't look nice if, for example, the label comes off. The tins are currently still running in very small quantities.

The solution:
UV digital print on the lid of the rectangular tin. The metal packaging looks more professional and of higher quality. The end customer immediately has the feeling that he has bought a high-quality product.

To be found on:

Yveskin - Aluminium cans for cosmetics
Play Video about Yveskin - Aluminium cans for cosmetics

Yveskin, Switzerland

The task:
I was looking for packaging for cosmetic creams. It should be light and unbreakable because of its use as a travel companion. If possible, no plastic and printed with the customer's motif on the lid.

The solution:
Our round aluminium tins with screw lids are very well suited for this purpose. The direct print gives the product a professional impression, which often removes the last doubts, especially for new customers.

To be found on:


Tel.: +49 6136 91765 70

GAPADOS tin cans, metal cans, cosmetic jars
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