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Are you looking for packaging for your cosmetic products? Whether ointments, creams or dry shampoos, toothpaste tabs or solid soaps... All these great products from your cosmetics factory need suitable packaging. with our aluminium tins in a wide range of sizes, we offer you the ideal solution. 

Which purchase quantities of the can packaging are necessary? In short: It's up to you! We deliver according to your needs without minimum quantities and without minimum quantity surcharges. We are also happy to supply smaller cosmetics manufacturers and help you to grow your business successfully. Everything is open upwards and downwards. Large cosmetics companies as well as hobby cream manufacturers are among our satisfied customers.

The eye eats with you! That's why we support you from the smallest quantities with a print on the lid of your aluminium cans. This gives your products a professional impression. Embossing or simple or elegant stickers are also possible. Ask us about the design options for metal cans.

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Are you looking for the can manufacturer? It is exciting and captivating to research the supply chain in this way. Surely with the ulterior motive that it is cheapest directly at the source? Is it really? That depends very much on the quantities purchased. The delivery time is usually the second disappointment, because hardly anything is available directly from a manufacturer's warehouse. Production is often only on order with high minimum quantities.

Quite frankly: We are not a manufacturer. However, we are able to offer competitive prices due to our collected purchase quantities. In some cases, we also have the aluminium cans produced directly for us and supply our customers directly from our warehouse in Mainz without minimum purchases.

Where do our aluminium cans come from? This question is particularly important to us and we pass on the information just as transparently. Of course we have imports from China in our programme. However, we also offer aluminium cans produced in France, Austria, Great Britain and Germany. If desired or required, we can also fall back on production capacities in Italy.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable? Is and can aluminium really be? Is glass better? But plastics? Possibly bioplastics? We deliberately leave this question unanswered here. There are always different points of view and even more arguments and, above all, many that go against one's own opinion. And so there are now an infinite number of discussion forums and expert contributions on this topic or even recycling statistics.
In the end, the cream has to go into suitable packaging. And as long as the cream or ointment does not form its own protective layer, as e.g. fruits do with their skin, we have to resort to wrappers made of foreign materials.

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